Curry Flavored Model-T

The title comes from a great quote, seen in the comments on the Tata Nano‘s first drive by Autoblog.

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Leaving Las BigSmoke

Yes, in a few days I load up the car and head back to Montreal. I have begun to plan the packing, grabbed the extra boxes I may need and sorted myself out on what needs to be cleaned before leaving.

Toronto, aka “Big Smoke”, has been good to me.

Next up: a séjours at the cottage followed by prepping and selling my nice Loft.

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Running on Coffee

No, not a Back To The Future clone running on MrFusion, this VW Sirocco comes from an article in The DailyMail UK running on MrCoffee!


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Denier insists I post on this.

I’m a firm believer of neck strap for iPods and have been bemoaning the lack of such an option for the iPod Touch.

But I now found one, the Danglet.

I’m ordering one shortly and will review.  Watching the Safety video, I’m quite happy with the design.

Another review and the discussion.


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Darn it

So Subaru released a car I would buy. I wasn’t planning to buy a car though.

Darn it.

I can claim it doesn’t tick-all-the-right-bits … it doesn’t come with the 2.0 Spec C engine.

Yeah, that is it.

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Now that’s a Subaru


Zombie Zeitgeist

What Godzilla is to the Japanese psyche, Zombies are to the American. Or so claims this article.

In both circumstances, the monster is meant to be a physical representation of a deep seated fear of the choices made by society, often due to directions and abilities of technology.

Wonder why the “Toxic Avenger” hasn’t caught on then …

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Daylight Savings

Deep down, I still grumble at the US Congress for mucking with the start date for “Daylight Savings Time”, but this morning was a genuine pleasure to wake up to sunshine.

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2010 VW Polo advert



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Toyota FT-86 Concept and Honda CR-Z pre-Production

Impressive little preview of the 41st Tokyo Auto show launches of the Toyota-Subaru “Hachi-Ruko” and the nice Honda CR-Z, two seat coupe.

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